Michelská 12a
145 01 Praha 4
tel.: +420 241 480 136
mail: info@acidotechna.cz

Main directions of activities

Industrial floors
Jointless floor coatings Ceramic tiling
- brush coatings - subjected to high chemical and mechanical loading
- cast and trowel applied coatings
- self spreading coatings
- polymer mortars
- polymer concrete
Chemical resistant linings of building structures and technological equipment
- trowel applied coatings
- foils
- laminated systems (GRP)
- tiling and lining - with ceramic, basalt and graphite plates or bricks
- rubber coating
- abrasion resistant systems
Waterproof systems
- foils
- bitumen sheets
- trowel applied coatings
- laminated systems (GRP)
- crystalline systems
Surface finishing of concrete and steel structures
- grinding
- surface milling
- blasting with quartz sand,slag,carborundum,cast iron or steel spheres (Blastrac)
- of corrosion and temperature resistant bedding and jointing cements based on phenolic, furane, epoxy, polyester, vinylester and polyurethane resins or on silicate base (water glass)
- of ceramic, molten basalt or graphite tiles of different thickness
- of raw materials for jointless cast and self-spreading floor coatings
- of trowelled compounds and protective linings for chemical and temperature resistant surface protection
Technical information
- consulting for investors and design engineers
- expertises
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