Michelská 12a
145 01 Praha 4
tel.: +420 241 480 136
mail: info@acidotechna.cz

Application sectors

Chemical industry - tanks, vessels, reactors, storage rooms, retention tanks, industrial floors, absortion towers, filling places and trackages

Power generation - flue-gas desulphuration (FGD), retention tanks, storage tanks, chimneys, battery rooms

Metallurgy - floors, pickling and electroplating vats, retention tanks,degreasing vats, zinc coating works

Agriculture - fertilizers and pesticides storage, storage silos, tanks for liquid fertilizers, fruit and vegetable sorting places

Food industry - breweries - lager beer tanks, fermenting tanks, bottle washers, dairies and cheese producing plants, meat processing plants, wine cellars, production of beverages, distilleries, freezing stores

Machine industry - engineering plants, airplane production, transport vehicles production, coating rooms

Water treatment - water treatment plants, waste water treatment, sumps, sewage disposal

Environment protection and ecology - ground water protection, air-pollution protection
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